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Hallucihate - Cagefight lyrics

Triple six, five, forked tongue!
Subatomic penetration, rapid fire through your skull
How I shot it on one takin' it back to the days of tryna lose control, Ta- Ta-
Swerving in a blaze of fire, raging through my bones
Oh shit I'm feeling it!

Hell yeah, fuck yeah!

Triple six, five, forked tongue!

Lunar eclipse forcing you to trip off the moonlit fire we spray
Cryonic haunted bullets hollow tipped with toxic waste, Ta-
So here’s the deal, if you don’t feel ill
Don’t want it nowhere near my zone, zone
That shit is dead, can't nobody get with that shit gets dial toned
Takyon, bitch slapping pussy clots and clones
Takyon, setting off Unabombs inside your dome
Give it up, bitch, you know this is it
Get with this or get left 'cause it's on
Triple six, five, forked tongue!

Oh shit I'm feeling it!

Hell yeah, fuck yeah!
Cover: Hallucihate - Cagefight
  • Isolation Occultism

  • Year
  • 2020

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#8 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

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