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Hallucihate - The Box lyrics

But it was around long time before you sat down at the board
And it will be here after you're gone
Players come, players go
But it all goes back in the box

Houses and cars
Titles and clothes
Filled barns, bulging portfolios, even your body
'Cause the fact is, that everything I clutch and consume and hoard
Is gonna go back in the box, and I'm gonna loose it all
That's, not much of an ROI on that
None of it was really yours

You have to ask yourself
When you finally get the ultimate promotion
When you've made the ultimate purchase
When you buy the ultimate home
When you have stored up financial security
And climbed the ladder of success to the highest rung
You can possibly climb it
Then what?
Surely you understand, it'll never be enough
So you have to ask yourself the question
What matters?

Cover: Hallucihate - The Box
  • Isolation Occultism

  • Year
  • 2020

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Spoken by John Ortberg, about the Monopoly board game.
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