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Kublai Khan - Boomslang lyrics

Viper's eyes peer inside me
Taking away everything I had

Bow your head
Giving the last of the energy I have
Bow your head
Call to me

I’ve tried to bleed dry
These wounds and yet I will never die

To spectate
My power, my pain displayed
Hear my voice
Every word
Sickness of which I have not found a cure

Therapy through public execution
My only solution
Losing my soul
Selling control
Pushing hope I stole takes its toll
But I drive the knife in
Jerk the handle while you're still smiling
No clue, I hate you
I die inside 'cause you won't shut the fuck up

Pulling me down
I’ve hit new lows and you just keep tearing away at me

Sent here to punish me
I must embrace the pain

Fuck you

Cover: Kublai Khan - Boomslang
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Genre: heavy hardcore
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