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Goodnight, Texas - End Of The Road lyrics

Chickens in the meadow, brown and yellow, black and white and red on the hill
Twenty one hens, livin’ in pens, the rooster know how to crow
Mama said she gonna kill a rooster this summer, sleepin’ in the winter if it’s crowin’ like a sinner
I don’t wanna kill ‘em, maybe we could sell ‘em, sell ‘em to the man at the end of the road

The end of the road, a man so old
Lives all alone with dogs and his gold
Ain’t got a rooster, know that he used to
Maybe I’ll pay him a visit in the mornin’

Barn with the chickens, has slim pickings, wandered all around 'til he died
My little sister, picked her up, kissed her, brought her in the mother and cried
She’s only seven, goin’ on eleven, goin’ on twenty five
She could plow a field with the back of her heel, she’s a worker and queen of the hive

Chickens in the meadow, brown and yellow, can’t keep track of the spots on their back
Prayed for a minute, the way you danced in it, maybe the mountain won’t die
I don’t wanna go and see what I know and learn if you love me true
And when I come home, if I feel all alone, I'll saddle up next to you

Cover: Goodnight, Texas - End Of The Road
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  • 2018

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  • Oct 6, 2020 by Imil

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