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TRP - Pano lyrics

It's an instrument that makes sound
And the sound affects the human spirit
In a way that's different than the, than the voice
Because obviously you'd have to have a voice
If you're an alien speaking to me, you know
And uh, there's a lot of power to sound
That's why the voice is really identifiable
The sound of a human voice because
Every person has a, has a [..] a few that
The, uh the piano has a different color to it
Than the, than the human
It's, you care about living things
You have the opportunity to relate to them
And perhaps affect their, affect their lives
In a very positive way

Cover: TRP - Pano
  • Pano

  • Year
  • 2016

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#3 Daily Techno

Genre: Lo-Fi House
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