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Arzest - Deadly Game lyrics

When a killer, who knows no mercy, plays a deadly game with human life
The only way to win is to play by his rules
It's time

To protect all that is dear to you
You can lock every door, close every road, suspect every stranger
But no matter how safe you think you are there is one deadly threat you cannot keep out
And that is your own fear

Someone you know, is watching your every move
Someone who means you harm
Someone who knows you, better than you know yourself
The only way to unmask them is to search in the last place you want to go - your own past
Somewhere in the shadows danger is lurking
And wherever you go, night must follow

Now the time has come to turn and go into the darkness to meet whatever waits in the night

The only one who knows the truth about a terrible secret is unaware they hold the answer to a mystery that could mean life or death
The search for a key leads to the most dangerous place in the world
The human mind

It's time

Cover: Arzest - Deadly Game
  • Solidcore IV

  • Year
  • 2012

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  • Aug 14, 2020 by Imil

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