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Switch Technique - The Scientists lyrics

Many galaxies appear to be moving away from us
So in 1928 the world's most famous scientist
Turned his attention to this cosmic mystery
He began to measure the speed
That these galaxies were moving relative to earth
To measure the velocity the galaxy was receding from us
He used something called "redshift"
It's not a perfect analogy
But the effect is similar to one most of us are familiar with in sound

The pitch of the Reese, as it approaches us as higher
Because the soundwaves are compressed
But the pitch drops lower, as the Reese recedes
Because the soundwaves are stretched
Boom, science [2x]


Boom [4x], science

Science [?x]

Boom, science

Science [?x]
Cover: Switch Technique - The Scientists
  • The Scientists & The Clarlatans EP

  • Year
  • 2019

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#6 Daily DnB

An alteration of a scene from the series "The Beginning and End of the Universe", S01E01 "The Beginning".

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