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I Declare War - Fat Fuck lyrics

You consume
It makes me fucking sick
You're like a cancer I feel I can never kick

A dark cloud raining on our parade
We will remove you
I wish we could bury you

Suck on your vapor dick one more time
Sick skin, dope-sick, waste of fucking life

Inhale some more disgusting shit
Wash it down, consume some more, you fucking dick
Restless legs of a wasted fucking space
Tired eyes, you fiend for anything

Outburst won't get you what you want
Grown ass man-baby, you fat fuck

We've seen it all before
And still you seem to blow my mind

You're a coward, you piece of shit
You hide behind your child as if you give a shit
Fend for yourself, grow the fuck up
Suck on your vapor dick, you fat fuck
Cover: I Declare War - Fat Fuck
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  • 2016

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Genre: deathcore
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