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Empire X - Sick Of It lyrics

Never enter the woods, that is where they wait [2x]
Let the bad color not be seen, it attracts them [2x]
Obey the rules of the truce, for they will keep us safe [2x]
Heed the warning bell, for they are coming [2x]
Do not confront them, for it makes them angry [2x]
Do not stray from the village [2x]
Do not cross the forbidden line [2x]

I fear our days of peace are over


I fear our days of peace are over

Cover: Empire X - Sick Of It
  • We Are The Gods EP

  • Year
  • 2012

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From the movie "The Village" (2004).
2 lyrics with the source The Village
1 Konsta You Are The One DnB 2006
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