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Goodnight, Texas - Keep Movin' lyrics

I find myself on a crowded train
Goin’ anywhere that I can aim
But the wheels won’t roll, the coal won’t burn
Conductor never took the time to learn

I gotta keep movin’

Jump the window into a truck
Speeding by me it’s just my luck
And the driver skids, says “What the fuck?!”
And yet again I find that I am stuck

But I gotta keep movin’
Keep movin'

Flee through desert, toward a car
Headlights flicker at me like a star
Lights turn away like the setting sun
Guess I’ve no choice but to run

I gotta keep movin’ [2x]

I ran and ran until I couldn’t take no more
Collapsed exhausted on a blue ocean shore
Started rip-tiding to the ocean floor
'Til I found myself at death’s door

And my boat is coming at any minute
And I just know I’m gonna sail off in it, yeah

I just know I’m gonna sail off in it
Come on
I just know I’m gonna sail off in it

I gotta keep movin’
Keep movin’
Gotta keep movin’ [3x]

Cover: Goodnight, Texas - Keep Movin'
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  • 2018

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  • Aug 24, 2019 by Imil

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