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Schecter - Act Before You Die lyrics

Time flies and days go by without stopping
Without ever turning back
Because of that you must think twice
Before you do something or act
You never think of your bright future
Till it becomes your darkest past
And after you get past the deadline
You start to think properly at last

Mistakes are tend to happen often
And it’s so sad they cannot be erased
And every sad words said to the loved ones
Are also cannot be rephrased
It‘s all about the right and wrong turns
The map of life that you must draw
And in the end you will look at the picture
It might be masterpiece or flaw

The sky is grey and wind is bitter
We sit sometimes alone and cry
The biggest thing you never do is stop
And ask yourself "just why?”
The answer always lives inside us
It’s the decisions that we made sometime
If you are poor, unhappy, stupid
It’s not to blame the famous fate

The problem is, you always wanted
But never did that thing or make
You always start but never finish
Or finish starting after atomlike mistake
Important thing is not stop trying
Because acts are crucial when your life is at stake
You always start but never finish
Or finish starting

Remember one rule that is transgression
Beware and never stick to it

Avoid these simple words in your confession:
"You always wanted but you never did"

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