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Invent Animate - Half Life lyrics

We are one

Will you ever understand?
You'll learn the hard way
Will you ever understand?
It's not about you

I always told you not to stray away
All alone this world will make you pay
Together, we are one
Together, we are forever

Two forces, turned to one
Coalition to reach the sun
The path is straight
My footsteps pave the way
This light will lead you home
You won't be on your own

Together, we are one
Together, we are forever

There is no leader
There is no king

They'll pick you apart
If you are struggling
These towers are too high
Too high to overcome

This is no worthless cause
This is a synergy
From a power that you could not believe

My mind is pacing
My heart is beating faster
Than it ever has
Ever has

We are forever

And ever [3x]

Cover: Invent Animate - Half Life
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Genre: metalcore
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