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Dealer - Pretty Stupid lyrics

Consumed with doubt I don't know where to start
With this technicolor scar on the center of my heart
But I guess, I suppose, I'll try and expose why I'm like this
Maybe come to terms with my vices

All I see
Haunts me

I'll put my head in that noose
Like I've got nothing to lose
So put your head in that noose
'Cause I've got nothing to prove

False serenity is an SSRI
You wanna be the f**king hero?
Then I guess I'm the bad guy
Then I guess I'm the f**king bad
Guy, no, no

Built to believe that redemption is free
With suicidal thoughts you said to me
It's hard getting clean with a fucked heart
Won't start a thin paradox, not beating hard
With trust bleeding out all over the ground
And forgiveness not sight to be found
Here I am again with a bloody pen
Like a knife to fragile skin

You think you know but you don't know shit
You think you know, but you don't know
You think you know but you don't know shit

All it takes, is the wrong time and place these days
I'm raising stakes now
Another piece of shit in Adidas NMDs look at me, no sympathy

A pseudo sigh of relief at the thought that
Everything is gonna be how it should f**king be
A pseudo sigh of relief you think you got away
With making me look so f**king guilty

And I've still got blood to bleed
You should have buried me

Cover: Dealer - Pretty Stupid
  • Soul Burn

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  • 2019

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Genre: metalcore
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