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Existh - We Gave It All Up lyrics

I think humans were given great, great gifts
Walking up right, binocular vision, opposable thumb, large brain
Making tools, talk, I have to learn a language, you take this, put in here
We learn language, brain got bigger, language, we grew

We had great gifts, we gave it all up to superstition
Primitive superstition, primitive shit, primitive shit
Invisible man in the sky looking down, keeping track of what we do
Make sure we don’t do the wrong thing, if we do he puts us in hell
Where we burn forever

That kind of shit is very limiting, it’s very limiting for this brain we have
So we keep ourselves limited and then we want a toy and a gizmo
And gold, and we want shiny things
And we want something to plug in that will make big big big things for us
And, and, and all that shit is nothing, we polluted it with this stuff, things
Material goods, games, gizmos, toys, gadgets
Having possession, whatever happened

We had great gifts
We polluted it
Whatever happened

When you’re born in this world, you are given a ticket to the freak show
And I watch the freak show, and the freaks are all humans
And they’re like me, and they are all the same, we are all the same
I’m not better, I’m not different, I’m just a part now
I’m separate, I'm over here, because I put myself out of the mix
I don’t have a stake in the outcome, I’m not a cheerleader
For a given outcome now

Oh, they say if you scratch a cynic, you’ll find a disappointed idealist
And I would admit that somewhere underneath all of this
There is a little flicker of a flame of idealism
That would love to see it at all change
But it can’t happen that way, and incremental change
It just seems like the pile of shit is too deep

We had great gifts
Whatever happened
We polluted it, stop having posession

Cover: Existh - We Gave It All Up
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  • 2015

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#2 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

Spoken by George Carlin (12.5.1937-22.6.2008), from an interview named "I’m Divorced From It Now".
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