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Invent Animate - Courier lyrics

I have a message to send
To a world that doesn't want to hear it
Stop walking backwards into the dark

"Who's on my side?"
I find myself asking this question far too often when I
I see a depiction of myself
But is this who I'm supposed to be?
I'm not answering questions anymore

If I had a voice
I'd use to fill the void
If I had a cure
I swear to God I never tell the world

The hands of time, the grains of life [2x]

It hurts to know that they work side by side
And when my life comes to an end
It's up to you to never forget [2x]

In a life I never asked for
I can see the ancestry in me
I still have this message to send
The family tree is dead to me

I felt love for the first time
When I stopped expecting it from the ones I held so high
I felt hope in my bones for the first time
When I walked in my own direction

Return to sender [4x]

Cover: Invent Animate - Courier
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Genre: metalcore
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