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Antichristus - The Exorcist (Throttler Remix) lyrics

- Open your eyes
Are you comfortable, Regan?
- Yes
- How old are you?
- Twelve
- Is there someone inside you?
- Sometimes
- Who is it?
- I don't know
- If I ask him to tell me, will you let him answer?
- No
- Why not?
- I'm afraid

Speaking to the person inside of Regan now
Come forward, and answer me now
Who are you?

- Harold, help me!
- Let go!

- Heard what?
- You haven't heard
He fell from the top of the steps right outside
By the time he hit M Street, he broke his neck
- Oh God!
- Burke is dead

Cover: Antichristus - The Exorcist (Throttler Remix)
  • The Antichrist

  • Year
  • 2009

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From the movie "The Exorcist" (1973).

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