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Ars Dada - Desperation lyrics

- Who made thee?
Canst thou say who made thee?
- I guess my folks did
And God
- There's no god out here, little Dave

This is desperation
Desperation [3x]

You're just a little prayboy, aren't you?
Yes, yes, you are
You just little prayboy in a baseball shirt
Well, go ahead and pray
See what good it does but God ain't here
Any more than he was when Jesus was dying on the cross
With flies in his eyes

This is desperation [5x]

God ain't here any more than he was
When Jesus was dying on the cross with flies in his eyes
Tak ah lah!
Him en tow

- If you set a hand or a foot outside your cell
He'll have it off before you even know it was gone
- Leave her alone
- Son!
I will put a stick through your mother
And spin her until she catches fire if I so desire
And you'll not stop me
And I'll come back for you

This is desperation [4x]
And don't you forget it

Cover: Ars Dada - Desperation
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  • 2012

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#1 Daily Breakcore/IDM

From the movie "Desperation" (2006).
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