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Northlane - Savage lyrics

Rise up [2x]

(Break free as one
See through the eyes of the sun)

Witness the bitter end of all
We peeled our stares from the mysteries of the universe
And drew them down onto each other
A waterfall of knowledge cascaded into bullets for our brothers
Led to our deaths by providence
When we were born to discover

We were born to discover
Humankind, seek the sky
That we were born to discover

Wash away utopia with the tears of the undead
Slipping, sliding, fighting our way down the steepest descent
We'll meet our fate
Spellbound primates bathed in red
Witness the bitter end

Told to be a delusion
We cast and sealed our seeds of evolution
Wisdom age old, dormant inside all
Until it's time to break the mold

Break free as one
See through the eyes of the sun

Look down at our earth
Through the eyes of the sun

Humankind's lines don't divide
Through the eyes of the sun

Rise up
Break free as one

Cover: Northlane - Savage
  • Mesmer

  • Year
  • 2017

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Genre: metalcore
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