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I:Gor - Loaded & Cocked lyrics

Fuck, fuck, fuck around (-round [?x])

(Loaded and [4x])
Loaded and cocked 'cause I don't miss the block

Thought, thought you wanted some
Want, want, wanted some, want
Want, wanted some

Fuck, fuck, fuck around [8x]

I love you! [2x]

You got your standard-size .45, super-size
That's a fucking hungry man right there
And you got the king of mayhem
Half cannon, sword of justice
Take this fucker to the Holy Land, start your own crusade

(Loaded and [4x])
Loaded and cocked 'cause I don't miss the block
Cover: I:Gor - Loaded & Cocked
  • Public Enemy / Loaded & Cocked

  • Year
  • 2017

  • Genre

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Mid-speech from the movie "Death Sentence" (2007).
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