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DJ Skull Vomit Feat. Green Jelly & Tye Zamora - Internet Exploder lyrics

Ass clown, ass clown
Who lives in a horde?
Ass clown, ass clown
Who drives the white messed out Ford?
Ass clown, ass clown
I'm gonna punch you in your face

This is the story about social media
And the trolls who live under the floorboards
Under their mother's mobile home (down by the river)
Stealing Wifi from his cracked out neighbours
And I signed in the Facebook
And I gurgled down my […] of home made wine

Fuck you, I don't like your attitude
When I get on my mom's computer, I don't like your duck lips
Fuck you, not my president, fuck you
I don't like your antichrist (social media)
I don't like your religious and political views (social media [2x])
The apocalypse (social media [4x])
Kill the fucking whales (social media [4x])
Take a fucking shit on the animals (social media [2x])
Global warming, suicide
Chocolate ice cream and kitty cats

I'm going to the north pole
And I'm gonna play baseball
With the heads of those […] fucking white seals
And then I'm gonna skin them alive
And I'm gonna wear their bloody carcass as a wintercoat

Verizon wireless will make you their bitch
I'm sorry mister ass clown but you'll need $400 deposit
If you want your internet service
I hate the fucking rainforest, burn it down
I love the laughs of funny, funny clowns
Funny clown make me laugh, ass clown
Make me laugh

Ass clown, I'm coming to your shitty little town
And I pledge my allegiance to your frowns
Four score and twenty doobies ago, today
Our forefathers said fuck you

Here's a tip right through your balls
Yeah bitch, say it to my face
I know your sister works at the Hot Topic
Now shake that ass
I said, shake that ass
You're my bitch boy


Cover: DJ Skull Vomit Feat. Green Jelly & Tye Zamora - Internet Exploder
  • Deadly Observation

  • Year
  • 2017

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#1 Daily Breakcore/IDM

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