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Hallucihate - Malediction lyrics

Lay the curse of blood upon them, and their children
And their children's children, for evermore
Each wretched birth will plunge each child
Into a lifetime of misery

Atonement for the wretches by the wrath of Mother Kos

A bottomless curse

Curse the fiends, their children too
And their children, forever, true

Listen for the baneful chants
Weep with them, as one in trance
And weep with us
Oh, weep with us

Curse here, curse there
A curse for he, and she

A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea
Source of all greatness, all things that be
A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea
Accepting of all that there is, and can be

Cover: Hallucihate - Malediction
  • Evil Shit EP

  • Year
  • 2018

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