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Tripped - Fucking Child lyrics

Fucking child

What are you into? Transformers? Pokemon?
You fucking child

What happened to, to fucking girl power, zigazig-ah, you know

You can walk in to the voting booth and draw, I don't know
A big fat cock on the paper if you like
That's perfectly legal and acceptable behavior
What's that, what's, what's the point?
They're all the bloody same, aren't they?
Yeyeyeye, in other words I'm a lazy ignorant twat

Fucking child

Zigazig-ah, you know

Fucking child

Zigazig-ah, you know

Fucking child
Cover: Tripped - Fucking Child
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  • 2017

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#1 Daily Terror/Speedcore

From the youtube video "Hey Kids: Voting's Fun!" by Jonathan Pie.

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