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Kurwastyle Project Vs. Speedevon - Terminated Killers lyrics

This next patient is interesting
I've been following the case for years
A 29-year old female, diagnosed as acute schizo-affective disorder
The usual indicators - depression, anxiety, violent acting-out, delusions of persecution..

The delusional architecture is fairly unique
She believes that a machine called a 'terminator,'
which looks human of course, was sent back through time to kill her
And also that the father of her child was a soldier
Sent back to protect her he was from the future too
The year, uh, 2029, if I remember correctly
Hmm, here we are!

Yes, I can not selfterminate
You must lower me

Cover: Kurwastyle Project Vs. Speedevon - Terminated Killers
  • Splitter Desctruction

  • Year
  • 2007

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  • Jun 21, 2008 by Imil
  • Approved by pzylence

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    #4 Daily Terror/Speedcore

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