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Incendiary - The Power Process lyrics

Forgiveness is a virtue that I've yet to achieve
Scars stay raw, time doesn't heal, but deceives
Try to bury the past with dirt from my soul
But there ain't a hole this deep to hold it all

I need so much more from myself [2x]

A change in morals, a change in faith
Convictions develop to handle this pain
In a perfect world I'd keep what I earned
But this life forces you to cross the bridges you've burned

The bridges you've burned

I need so much more from myself [2x]

Years fall away like sand between my fingers
Looking over my shoulder just to see a clearer picture
Evolution doesn't mean forgetting
What you've learned or where you've been
It's self-realization achieved, free from the prison we're existing in

But I'll never lose my morals, I'll never lose my faith
I live by the power process to survive on this planet of waste

Cover: Incendiary - The Power Process
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