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Promo - A Creature Apart lyrics

We're working analog, we're working digital
What are we missing?

Now if they’re here to defend us, as you say, then tell them to go home
We can defend ourselves

Fighting each other only makes us weak
The enemy is not in this camp
The enemy is out there!

We do not attack our own!

We need to hit them now, we need to hit them hard
Look if we don't defend ourselves they will take what we have
That's what they do

This has been hard on all of us
But we cannot let anger drive our policy

Anger is our policy

What happened to him makes him a creature apart
On a different frequency
Cover: Promo - A Creature Apart
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Lyrics sample the series "The 100", S03E03 "Ye Who Enter Here", S03E04 "Watch the Thrones" and the series "The OA", S01E03 "Champion".
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