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Oceano - Lucid Reality lyrics

Lucid dream states remotely view
A new landscape upon the horizon
Upon the horizon

As the vessel rests
Let your spirit escape towards the stars
As the vessel rests
Let your spirit escape
Project past the stars

Departing from the body to hold no true form
The conscious mind is one converged with the soul

To exit this world

Escape this world [3x]

Telepathy guides you
As you slip away through the dream realm

You will be taken
To a new home and astral plane

You will be taken
By the ascendants

The ancients guide a path to your salvation
The ancients guide a path towards your ascension

Separate and ascend
Before this all meets an end
Separate and ascend

Cover: Oceano - Lucid Reality
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  • Year
  • 2017

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Genre: deathcore
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