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Noisecontrollers - E=NC² lyrics

Spiritu sanctem
Domina deus
Fili memento finala fortuna
Habemus glorem doterus patre
Dominus sanctum gloria in deus
Spiritus sanctem
Domina deus
Fili memento benedictus sancti [..] plenum

Domina sancta deus
[..] fortuna


Cover: Noisecontrollers - E=NC²
  • E=NC² (The Science Of Hardstyle)

  • Year
  • 2012

  • Genre

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Top achievedBETA
#10 Daily Hardstyle

This is a work in progress. Lyrics are not guaranteed to be correct. If you are more familiar with Latin and can help us out please leave a comment.

Rough translation to English:

Holy spirit
(Female) God, the Lord
Son, remember your fate
We have glory, dowry father
In the holy glory of God
Holy spirit, God the Lord
Son remember, all bless the Lord

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