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Da Horseman - Radio Pirate lyrics

Making you bounce [2x]

One, two, three, come on
We got DJ Kool and Doug E Fresh (come on)
Rockin' to the beat 'cause we are the best (come on)
We got Doug E Fresh and Biz Markie (hey!)
Rockin' to the beat in the place to be
We got Biz Markie and DJ Twin (say whay, yeah)
So hit me with your horns and make that money

One more time

Fuck this

Fuck this
One more time

Fuck this

Pistols, give me those clash
Give me those beats, let them bash
Give me that madness, give me that specials
Give me those angels, give me those devils

Give me those damn, give me those stranglers
Back to the 70's punk rock manders
Give me The Beagles, Give me those Stones
Give me that trip to the 60's zone
Give me that

You're no good for me, I don't need nobody
Don't need no-one, that's no good for me

When I was a youth I used to burn collie weed in a rizzla
I used to burn it in a rizzla
Burn it in a rizzla

Let me see you put yo hands up (Put 'em up [?x])

Begging like a bitch, kiss your motherfucking nuts
Be a motherfucking

Be a motherf-

Shake me, shake shake me, ('til you wake) 'til you

That's no good for me
Time [2x]

One more time [2x]

Fuck this

One of the melodies is sampled from Daft Punk - Aerodynamic.

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