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Toneshifterz - Rise Up lyrics

I felt alive when you came back home
It's all I wanted, it's all I wanted
So carry me on your back next time
So I can see, so I can see

I'll be your light if you won't shine
I'll shine it brighter, I'll shine it brighter
With footprints ahead the wolves crave me
They get excited, they get excited

So throw me the torch and we'll dance off
Into the night's eyes, into the night's eyes
And love me the way like you always did
Don't take your time to, don't take your time to
Rise up again, again
Oh, rise up again, let's rise up

Oh, rise up again, again [x2]
Rise up again

Rise up, rise up again
Oh, rise up again, again [x2]
Rise up again

Cover: Toneshifterz - Rise Up
  • Rise Up

  • Year
  • 2017

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#7 Daily Hardstyle

JohannG 6 years, 5 months ago
Great!! Thank you :D
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