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Kevlar - 4th Dimension lyrics

My memories are so sharp and clear
It's as if they happened only moments ago
The countless lives my father extinguished
Of those that came before him that did the same
Such pleasure it gave them
But I have not experienced it myself yet
Does it really feel that good?

Millions of slaves bowing before me
A galaxy of desperate, pitiful lifeforms at my feet
That's clearly intoxicating
I can almost taste it, as if it was me there and not those whose memories I possess
Oh, but nothing
Nothing do I anticipate more than the sweetness I know I will feel when I kill for the first time

I can hardly wait to watch as fear stops a man's heart
So much more intimate, one-on-one
To watch as the blood flows from his veins and savor his ever-fading hope for life

Cover: Kevlar - 4th Dimension
  • Rooftops EP

  • Year
  • 2016

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    #5 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

From the TV-Series "Stargate SG-1", S09E09 "Prototype".

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