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Cartoon - Bendy Wendy the Man lyrics

Madelaine tied to the railroad track
She says: "Somebody get me off of my back"
Wendy sees from the high, high hill
That Madelaine's going to get madly killed

He bends on down that high, high hill
As only bendy Wendy will
Little did he know that the slope so steep
Would bend him on down and land him in a heap

Madelaine t-take my hand
'Cause I'm a Bendy Wendy, the man!

Then the train came

When the train had passed bendy knelt in the sand
And bent around for poor Madelaine's hand
He said: "I'll take it home, put it under my pillow
With the picture of my mum in the hollow armadillo"

He went to sleep

Welcome to your dream, I'm going to be your host tonight
We'll try to make it as pleasant an experience as possible
Though you may experience slight discomfort upon awakening

Madelaine t-take my hand
'Cause I'm a Bendy Wendy, the man!

Cover: Cartoon - Bendy Wendy the Man
  • Ovine/Bovine

  • Year
  • 1995

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