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Skynet & Machine Code - Hologram lyrics

If we are a simulation
Then in the ways that matter to us, we are real enough
Whatever force has guided our creation, mathematical or intelligent
It is constructed from simple atoms
A creature capable of thinking beyond the limits of physical investigation

Everything we see would just be part of this simulation

If our existence is inside a simulation, are we real?

Speculations about the nature of reality
And whether it might be an illusion or a dream
Goes back for hundreds of years, thousands of years
Philosophers have been pondering these questions

We do know the laws governing the natural world are simple
We can write them down in simple equations
We can program computers to simulate them
And from great simplicity we derive great complexity

If we are in a simulation does that mean that nothing is real?
I think a better way of look at this that
It would mean that reality is something slightly different than we thought

It seems that in this Universe intelligence has reached its potential
But some scientists see organic intelligence
As only the first sage of the evolution
And the next stage they believe has already begun

Cover: Skynet & Machine Code - Hologram
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