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Promo - The Grower lyrics


You have truly become the Grower
Back to life
Another circle closes, another new tree grows again
As the Grower
Filled with the wisdom of the Maker, truly our long burden has been lifted
Now, my days can end
Here, in peace

Still torn, alone torn
What will I become?
The grower
I began my journey with a heavy burden
Yet another burden
The each came to the surface
Followed evil into the ground

If only I had another chance to make things right
But peace was not yet with us
Wisdom and knowledge
Visions and dreams

I was very young when I first felt strong
Indeed, I was young, but I thought I understood
I had many abilities, even then, but little wisdom
I knew I was doing something great for us
How could i have not seen the true path?
I see it now so clearly

Am I the Grower because they taught me, or did they teach me because I am the Grower?
Would there be a seed to grow?
Would there a Grower
The more I understood the more powerful I became
And the more dangerous I became, and the less I understood

I had not come
I am the Grower!

I am the Grower
There is a powerful conjunction between the in and the out
The beneath and the above
A wound, a mouth, a well, a pit

From the past, an enemy came, seeking revenge
But there was help for a third time
I was prepared for them, and I pointed the way and a few understand
And they began to follow me
I am the Grower, I would lead them to rebuild

I am the Grower!

They planted and watered, so that I would learn how to do the same
But what is the task of a Grower?
The heart of a people, that is what must grow!

Another circle closes, another new tree grows again

Though the tree did not grow, for there was no grower
The Grower had not come
I had not come
I am the Grower
I failed

Cover: Promo - The Grower
  • Various - Demolition Part 10

  • Year
  • 2008

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4 lyrics with the source Myst V - End of Ages
Pain 15 years, 4 months ago
Va fan, intrige!
Joris 15 years, 4 months ago
From the game Myst V - End of Ages
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