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Children Of Zeus ft. DRS - Still Standing (Lenzman Remix) lyrics

Yeah [x6]

Mother told me to keep on
I know God has a plan for you
Mother told me to be strong
'Cause your strength, it will define you

You accept what you deserve (you accept what you deserve)
'Cause you deserve what you accept (you deserve what you accept)
She told me "son, don't you forget"
(Don't you forget, don't you forget)
'Cause what you give is what you get, yeah
(What you give is what you get)

This is why I'm still standing
Yeah [x6]

'Cause I listened when my mother said
Yeah [x6]

We know that love is universal
From a mother to a child
But all my years off the rails
I know I must've drove you wild

You was our mom, the breadwin
My father figure bit broke
Older sister at chef
I know you walked a lonely line

You never looked the same
After my father passed away
Can't begin to imagine the pain
That you went through since

I'm bringing up this little pain
They sent you
Can't be from rice
Every time they wrenched you
Every single day I'm thankful heaven lent you

You push me to keep chasing my dreams
Only reason I'm here
To fight nazis we're tight
You helped by greasing the wheels
You're always keeping it real, ma
Forever keeping it real
I keep my side of the deal
Because the city raised an angel when they made you
When you were sick I prayed that heaven saved you
I bless this past in every single plays it takes you
And give you strength so life will never break you

Mother told me to stand up
Boy you rise, don't you be afraid
And if life gives you lemons
Then just make you some lemonade

And don't give in to temptation
'Cause grass is so green on the other side
No matter what situation
Always carry yourself away

This is why I'm still standing
Yeah [x6]

'Cause I listened when my mother said
Yeah [x6]

Yo, my momma don't smile like she used to
Guess this ain't the life that she's used to know
To spread love and stand proud, yo
She still smiled when I drew a picture on them couches
She studied hard
Yeah, we never went hungry
Worked two jobs so I could see all countries
Head full of dreams
Just ignore all them gunshots
As long as I'm happy
Don't worry 'bout them dumb lops

Mom, watch me
Look, no hands
They can't stop till my foot goes down
(Children of Zeus for sure)
Most times my momma speaks the Queen's english
You make her mad bitch and curse words she means business

I've been witness to that coaster
And when my bro went away we shed the most tears
And now you're back in barbados
Don't worry, keep jamming
Love is the bond and the remix still standing

Yeah [x6]

Children of Zeus, we're still standing
DRS, yo, still standing
This is a Lenzman remix
Cover: Children Of Zeus ft. DRS - Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)
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BlackScout 2 years, 8 months ago
I fear some part of the lyrics on this actually are more correct:
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