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Da Tweekaz - Tequila lyrics

Con la mano derecha pero..

Hola, cabrón
You don't look so good, hahaha
Come, let me show you the drink of my people


Have a shot of tequila

Uno, dos, tres


Oh, look at the attitude on this puto
He-ho, you're gonna need some big cojones
If you want to party like me
Have a shot of tequila

Oy, gringo, you hear that?
Pass me the bottle
It's about to get loco up in here

Viva la México

Ohh, I'm going to need a siesta after this
Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa' dentro

Have a shot of tequila

Uno, dos, tres

Oi, oi oi

Hey-hey amigo
A bottle can drink more than you ese


Ho-ho, look at them chichis on that chica
Ey, slow down ese

Uno, dos, tres

Viva la México

Oh, I feel like a piñata on Cinco de Mayo

  • Year
  • 2016

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Official preview, the lyrics represent this version.

Salva 3 years, 9 months ago
"Patching" is quite an exaggeration :lol:
I hope there won't be anything else to add, after this gets released (hate previews :devil: )
Join the Lolochat!!!4: http://www.lololyrics.com/chat
Pain 3 years, 9 months ago
Patched up most of the Mexican words missing.
1 line is too fast for me to understand.
Va fan, intrige!
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