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The Prophet - Caramba! lyrics

Ai caramba!

Bailando porque [..]

I'm going to put this record on the turntable
I'm going to spin, it going to go-go round and round and round
And then it's gonna, and then it's never going to stop
And the music is going to come out of the speakers
All the people, they're going to go so crazy
They're gonna go non-stop

Non-stop (stop [?x]) [?x]

Ai caramba!

Okay, mang
When I see the people dance in the crowd
I see them jumping up and down
They listen to this music
It's like a hardstyle, it's like a hardcore
It's so fucking cool, man
I mean it's got like these melodies, man
It's, it's, it's, it's good
It's like, and then the kickdrum go
And then the melody

Ai caramba! [6x]

Bailando porque [..]

Cover: The Prophet - Caramba!
  • Caramba!

  • Year
  • 2016

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Salva 7 years ago
When adding lyrics, please make sure you're adding the lyrics of the full original mix of the track (you can mostly check it on discogs), not the lyrics of the preview you find on yt.
The first block was a bit messy (it's hard to hear exactly that's for sure). Plus you put Louder as release name, but I couldn't find it on that album, so changed it to the single release.
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