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LTN - Somebody I Could Be lyrics

Stay with me and find your meaning here
You just gotta live until you die
Come along with me, and leave them all behind
On a summer ray we'll fly away

I can take the world away
Make you feel you're not the same
If you believe
No need to hide with me, you'll always be free
Just look at me, believe

I'm here now here now, when you're lost and broken
If only you would see, I am somebody you could be
Away with, way with, carry all the world's weight
Whenever you would need somebody I could be

I love you

Cover: LTN - Somebody I Could Be
  • People I'll Never Forget

  • Year
  • 2015

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#2 Daily Trance

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1 Ranji & Jilax Away Psychedelic/Goa 2019
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