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Infant Annihilator - Pinned Down and Fisted lyrics

So it begins
The procession of the rituals will bring judgement upon man
As the congregation of the damned
You will now renounce the blood of the lamb

Alter boys march single file down the aisle
Where they kneel before the crucifix
Their orders are to un-robe then bow before the cross

You shall witness the shame of human flesh
As we reach in to the bowels of your innocent children
The perverted members of the church gather closer to see the event
The priests now proceed to fist the boys

Watch as my minions insert their fists

Soon they will join the dead then pave the road with their bodies
Their blood will pave the way for the future of our church

These roads unite my dominion as their ass is gauged
The blade of impurity is sharpened for the end of the ceremony
Once my priests are done the robes, once white
Now bear the blood of the boys who once wore them

Cover: Infant Annihilator - Pinned Down and Fisted
  • The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution

  • Year
  • 2012

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#9 Daily Metal

Genre: deathcore
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