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Dark Earth - Suffering lyrics

- Temptation is illusion, but the time for trickery is past
In this game, we show ourselves as we really are
- What's that?
- The beauty of suffering

Temptation is worthless, Princess
Suffering is the coin of the realm
I will teach your human Merchant about the value of suffering
I will buy his secret with a bounty of pain

[..] is the magic and this is for you

- They say the greatest suffering a parent can know
Is the loss of a child.
- Come on, you bastard, it's me you want
- Don't flatter yourself, I don't want you, child
I want what you were born with: a gift
- The lights
- Oh, no, not light, darkness is where you find me

Good, stand your ground, family man
Run! It is time to open the pathway forever

[..] is the magic and this is for you

Cover: Dark Earth - Suffering
  • Wisdom Of The Grave EP

  • Year
  • 1998

  • Genre

  • Source / Sample

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From the movie 'Hellraiser: Bloodline' (1996).
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