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Moleculez ft. The Relic - Time Paradox lyrics

APEX, advanced prototype explanation unit
In the year 2072 the APEX program was brought online
Its purpose: the exploration of time
To avoid contact, robotic probes were sent to uninhabited areas
Biological tests from early units revealed viral and cellular disorders
Caused by transition through time

To prevent contamination and the creation of a time paradox
A-1-0-1 priority order was implemented
This order mandated that sterilization units
Be sent to any point in time where a paradox was detected
Once in operation, units would continue to be sent
Until the complete elimination of the paradox time line

Cover: Moleculez ft. The Relic - Time Paradox
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  • 2013

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#9 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

From the movie 'A.P.E.X.' (1994).
2 lyrics with the source A.P.E.X.
1 Triple Sickz Elimination DnB 2016
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