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Transfarmers - EQ lyrics

Let's take a listen to these drum tracks

Today we're gonna talk about EQ
We're gonna do several big boosts
We're gonna boost around 3.2K
And then we're gonna get that bottom fatter at about 80Hz in this big shelf
Here we go

The first thing I noticed is that the upper mids
Don't have that bite and presence that's gonna be needed
To make them stick out of that mix
What we want from it is that aggressive, beautiful, powerful mid range
Let's try it

Now that is sounding way better

So let's take a listen to the kick, kick drum

Now this is a workhorse EQ that is so versatile
Due to it's fully parametric mid bands
We can change the shape of the equalisation
You can get very surgical and you can scoop and notch out offensive frequencies
Here we go

You're gonna hear the fat sound of the analogue hardware's transformers
Including their rich sounding harmonics
Let's go

OK, now we have the golden child
The custom series EQ
This one is totally unique
It has a sleek, smooth, silky high end
The upper mids are present and usable
And the lows are punchy and dear
However, now that we took away the ugly upper mid range
We're gonna add another instance in a series after the first one
And we're gonna add back in some pretty sounding upper mid EQ
Here we go

Let's go
So let's take a listen to the kick, kick drum

Kick, kick drum
Cover: Transfarmers - EQ
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