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Bodyshock - The Gangster's Back lyrics

Grimed out
Turn the levels up, yeah

Hey yo, the gangsters back, uh!

Fuck around with the Don and get decapitated

(Yo, turn the levels up)

Let's get it over with
Yo sound boy turn the levels up
Let's get it over with, uh, yeah, uh!

Who wanna spaz out? Crunchtime, blow ya abs out
Leave you in the fetal position, witcha ass out
Ready to mash out any crew actin like
They the true facts of life, frontin' through the camera lights
Despite, we hold it down regardless
I got Def Jam suckin' me like, "I wish you was my artist"
For starters, who's the largest cat?
Get a hundred grand from my most garbage rap (my most garbage rap [3x])

Stop it right where you at
Hey yo, the gangster's back

Hey yo, the gangster's back
Turn the levels up, uh!

Fuck around with the Don and get decapitated

Cover: Bodyshock - The Gangster's Back
  • The Gangster's Back

  • Year
  • 2016

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#5 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

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