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The Relic - Without Perception lyrics

I present a time of destruction
There is misfortune in the stars
The sky is lost and the sea is frozen over
The circle of life which allowed both man and nature
To flourish have all but stopped
The main players of our story have long since left the stage
We hang in anticipation for the inevitable final curtain
And yet even at this late hour traces of the great circle remain
The circle of life only continues because you exist

We wait to see the fate of you last survivors of this world
For if you perish perception is removed and existence comes to an end
A universe without perception
Is much like an enormous stack of rotting books
Forever unopened and unread
To survive this darkness, the universe has thrust itself
Into a next phase of its life cycle
Listen, can't you hear the pulse of the awakening?
The pulse of the awakening
Cover: The Relic - Without Perception
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  • 2008

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#8 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

From the animation 'Ergo Proxy' S01E11.
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