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The Relic - The Extraordinary (Intro) lyrics

Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished guests from around the world
May I have your attention please?

Now, my apologies for interrupting this evening’s entertainment
Hopefully I can provide you with some of my own
I am an abomination of the able
I am an exception to the accepted
I am the greatest man you have never known

They had hoped to destroy in me any trace of the extraordinary
And in time I came to share that hope
But the extraordinary, it seems, was simply out of their reach
And I say to you, that if it is greatness we must destroy
Then let us drag our enemy out of the darkness, where it has been hiding
Let us shine a light so that at last all the world can see


Cover: The Relic - The Extraordinary (Intro)
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  • 2011

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From the movie '2081' (2009).
2 lyrics with the source 2081
1 Dolphin 2018 Hardcore/Gabber 2015
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