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The Relic & Sound Abuse - When We Are Miserable lyrics

When we relax we're miserable

When we relax we have all kind of negative thoughts
We're worried, we're frightened, we're concerned
We're disappointed, we're disillusioned
We think of the people who mistreated us
And how the world is failing us in our needs

To the person who is not self disciplined
Relaxation and quietude just end in misery, which is what is intended
Because there is no way in which we can accomplish the purpose
Until we are able to see within ourselves
That we have conquered these mistaken points of view

When we relax we're miserable

You got to be able to sit down quietly
And in piece with life and in piece with yourself
Contemplate the common problem things that we all have to do
The individual must learn the importance
Of being able to get along with himself
And that his great enemy has always been himself
And until he conquers that, he can go no further
He is a victim of his own mistakes
He is a victim of his own wrong attitudes
Wrong objectives, wrong ambitions, wrong decisions

He is a victim of every lesson he sought to avoid or evade
Every time he fails to do that which is next
He penalizes himself and adds
To the burden of his own subconscious mind

Cover: The Relic & Sound Abuse - When We Are Miserable
  • Bunker II "Type 625B"

  • Year
  • 2016

  • Genre

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