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The Relic - The Bunker lyrics

For how many days had he been living like that?
He had stopped counting after a few weeks
And accepted his fate of functioning without thinking
Like a part of the machinery he was surrounded with
He knew it was merely the leaders’ detestation for life
That had lead humanity to inflict mechanized extinction upon itself

It was the daily peek outside, before he had to descend again
Into this fortress of industrial warfare
Where people live like the dead to remain among the living
The muffled impact of bombs and missiles, the howls of death
A wiggly vision impaired by the long hours spent in darkness
Despair triggered the knowledge
That these walls were just an illusion of safety
The tomb of war, the bunker

Cover: The Relic - The Bunker
  • Bunker II "Type M 152"

  • Year
  • 2014

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