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Emmure - R2deepthroat lyrics

I can see right through you
Now tell me does that sound familiar?
Now that I got your attention
I just wanted to say
I am so flattered that you mention my name
You've been paying my bills for way too long
And I'm so happy that you just can't stop talking shit

Keep running your mouth [2x]

I keep cashing checks, snapping necks
So keep running your mouth

I keep them shook crews running
Like they supposed to
You come around but you never come close to
I can see it inside your face
You're in the wrong place

I implore you to comprehend
(I'm more machine now than man)

You're so vain
I bet you think this song is about you
Don't you?
So much for plagiarism
So much for you to waste your breath running your mouth
A rat race to the top
Sore losers never satisfied with what they've got
Your career is flipping
So do me a favor
The next time you see her
Ask your girl what my dick tastes like

Yo [5x]
What [5x]

(Yo, what?)
Cover: Emmure - R2deepthroat
  • Felony

  • Year
  • 2009

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Top achievedBETA
#2 Daily Metal

Genre: deathcore

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