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Deformer - Counter Culture lyrics

They are alienating us
Pushing and pushing until they can effectively
Force our movement into an extinction
And it's actually gonna happen if we don't get off our dead asses
And do something about it

Hey listen to this!
Judges, cops, all the law!
I've got something for ya
Take this and stick it up in your mother's twat!

Hey listen to this!


- Okay okay quiet down, we got company
- Don't you know that public meetings in the park are prohibited?
I just want you all out of here
You asked me, your alderman
Get on the horn, get few wagons down here
Now knock it off, I said move, starting with you!

Hey listen to this!
I got something for ya
Cop, take this and stick it up in your mother's twat!

Cover: Deformer - Counter Culture
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  • Year
  • 2012

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From the movie "Gone with the Pope" (2010).
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