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Krusha - Guilty lyrics

This is no fantasy
No careless product of wild imagination
No, my good friends
These indictments I have brought you today
The specific charges
Their acts of treason
Their ultimate aim of sedition
I ask you now to pronounce judgment

Finally, General Zod
Once trusted by this council
Charged with maintaining the defense of the planet Krypton itself
Chief architect of this intended revolution
And author of this insidious plot to establish a new order
New order [2x]

- The decision of the council will now be heard
- Guilty
- Guilty
- Guilty

Join us
You have been known to disagree with the council before
Yours could become an important voice in the new order
Second only to my own
I offer you a chance for greatness
Take it, join us
You will bow down before me, Jor-El, I swear it
No matter that it takes an eternity

Guilty [3x]

Cover: Krusha - Guilty
  • Guilty / Black Monday

  • Year
  • 2010

  • Genre

  • Source / Sample

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From the movie 'Superman' (1978).

3 lyrics with the source Superman
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