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Current Value - Quantum Physics lyrics

Niels Bohr took a job in Ernest Rutherford's laboratory in England
Rutherford had introduced his amazing new theory about atoms
It was thought that atoms were solid spheres of positive charge
With negative electrons mixed throughout
But, according to Rutherford's model
Atoms look more like tiny planetary systems
With most of the mass focused
In the positively charged nucleus of the atom
And negatively charged electrons rotating around the nucleus
Like the Earth around the Sun
Rutherford's new model was a scientific breakthrough
But almost immediately, he found a hole in his theory [2x]

There's nothing in between
In between exists nothing

That's very non-Newtonian
If you take the Earth and you would..
You could move the Earth a little bit closer to the Sun
No problem, we'd have a different orbit, we'd be stable
We'd have a different time to go around the Sun, no problem

There's nothing in between
In between exists nothing

Cover: Current Value - Quantum Physics
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From the documentary 'A Science Odyssey: Mysteries of the Universe' (1998).
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